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30000 تومان

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54000 تومان

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72000 تومان

بسته مشاوره 60 دقیقه ای


84000 تومان

لطفاً بازه زمانی دلخواه خود را برای مشاوره تلفنی انتخاب کنید:

سه شنبه

15 بهمن 98


16 بهمن 98


17 بهمن 98

توجه: انتخاب بازه زمانی صرفا جهت اطلاع شما بوده و موجب انقضای بسته مشاوره تلفنی شما نمی گردد.

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مبلغ قابل پرداخت: 19,500 تومان (نونزده هزار و پانصد تومان)

۱۷ Male Celebrities Whom Married Way To Avoid It of these League

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۱۷ Male Celebrities Whom Married Way To Avoid It of these League

These actors, athletes, and icons aren’t slouches by any means—but their wives put them to shame

The guys about this list are scarcely monsters. They wouldn’t are becoming a few of the most effective entertainers, athletes, and and entrepreneurs on the planet should they didn’t have the great appearance to complement their undeniable skill. It’s exactly that these male a-listers can’t assist but pale compared to the otherworldly ladies they been able to marry.

We provide this list to not poke enjoyable at a lot of famous “schlubs,” but instead, toast these gentlemen because of their impressive achievements—and for offering us the hope that people, too, can persuade an insanely stunning babe to walk serenely down the aisle having a modest-looking guy.

(Want more sexy partners? Huddle up with The 20 Hottest NFL spouses.)

۱٫ Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks is better recognized for flaunting her unmatched, out-of-this-world curves as sexy assistant Joan on Mad guys. Her spouse, Geoffrey Arend, is the best recognized for swallowing a case of weed into the cult classic Super Troopers. Dude: inform us your secret.

۲٫ Jason Dufner

Golfer Jason Dufner possesses PGA championship under their gear, but their biggest trophy can be their breathtaking spouse, Amanda. The two came across while Jason had been playing for Auburn and Amanda attended archrival Alabama. She could just be their good luck charm: right after getting hitched in 2012, Jason won their second PGA competition in 3 months.

(If Amanda Dufner stepped from the green, she’d clearly be one of several Hottest feamales in Golf.)

۳٫ Judd Apatow

You can state actress Leslie Mann owes her profession to her spouse, writer/director/producer Judd Apatow. He’s cast her once the feminine lead in many of their box-office hits, including 1997’s The Cable Guy (where they first met on set) and a lot of recently, 2012’s This Is 40.

But we’d argue it is one other method around: Mann usually steals the show far from her big-time male costars—like Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, and Paul Rudd—thanks to her killer comedic timing and severe intercourse appeal. Either way, props to Apatow for dipping their pen into the business ink, and providing us decades of screen time with this favorite Mann.

۴٫ Howard Stern

The self-proclaimed “King of all of the Media” nabbed a queen that is worthy 2008 as he married sexy actress Beth Ostrosky. The blond bombshell is probably Stern’s favorite response to their haters’ most typical question: “How do you realy rest through the night?”

With a reported web worth of $480 million, Jay-Z is one of effective rapper in the world. (He’s Not a Businessman—He’s a Business, Man.) Heck, he could purchase an earth also it would scarcely register being a blip on his bank statement.

But beyond winning Grammys, starting record labels, and acquiring baseball groups, their single best feat is placing a band on Beyonce—herself among the wealthiest, most jaw-dropping ladies alive. Hova is a dude that is dapper but no one’s in Queen Bey’s league.

۶٫ Andy Samberg

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine funnyman showed no pity inside the times on SNL, donning hideous masks, wigs, and goatees to provide all jokes big and tiny. Ugly hair that is facial damned, Samberg nevertheless married the beautiful singer/songwriter Joanna Newsom in 2013.

Newsom hasn’t yet collaborated with Samberg’s faux hip-hop team The Lonely Island, but we can’t wait to listen to how her delicate playing that is harp in with fare like “Dick in a Box.”

Exactly just exactly How did the comedian—best that is bald for their portrayal of Tobias Funke on Arrested Development—charm Amber Tamblyn, an actress 19 years their junior? One term: SkyMall. In 2008, the two came across for a journey, where Cross cracked jokes concerning the shopping that is now-defunct in their seat-back pouches.

۸٫ Sean Penn

Along with an illustrious, diverse silver-screen profession, Penn boasts a similarly impressive intimate record: as he married Madonna within the 1980s, she had been the biggest feminine entertainer in the planet, in which he had been nevertheless Spicoli.

Penn then managed to move on to the lovely Robin Wright, who now blesses our computer screens as very First Lady Claire Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards. Next up when it comes to Oscar-winning actor: a rumored engagement to Charlize Theron. Suggestion for the limit for you, sir.

۹٫ Dax Shepard

The celebrity for the recently wrapped Parenthood cut their teeth regarding the MTV prank show Punk’d—which is exactly what we thought ended up being occurring to us once we heard which he tied the knot with Veronica Mars babe Kristen Bell in 2013. Shepard himself could possibly agree totally that the Forgetting Sarah Marshall celebrity is really a bit away from their league, but he’s undoubtedly seized their possibility: just last year, Bell told us that Shepard ended up being the husband that is perfect. Study Dax Shepard’s Six Secrets for Saving Your Wedding.

Relevant Movie:

۱۰٫ Robert Duvall

The legend that is 84-year-old on their 4th wedding, but hey, practice makes perfect. His present spouse, Luciana Pedraza, can be A argentine actress whom has also her MBA. They came across in Buenos Aires after she invited Duvall to an event with no knowledge of who he was, started dating, and got hitched in 2005.

Fun reality: The few share the birthday—only that is same years aside. Done well, Bobby.

۱۱٫ Seth Green

There are lots of things you do not learn about actor Seth Green: he had been among the young ones in Stephen King’s It; he’s the sound of Chris on Family man; he developed the Adult Swim mainstay Robot Chicken; along with his spouse is ridiculously appealing. Green exchanged vows with actress Clare give this season. Good regarding the 5’۴’’ Green for, uh, reaching for the stars russian sex brides.

۱۲٫ Lyle Lovett

After merely a romance that is 3-week nation singer Lyle Lovett eloped with pretty girl Julia Roberts during the top of her capabilities in 1993. The wedding lasted just 24 months, however you know very well what they say: It’s better to possess lost and loved Julia Roberts rather than have not liked Julia Roberts after all.

۱۳٫ Hugh Hefner

By having a true title similar to soft-core (but tasteful!) porn, we don’t question the 88-year old Playboy founder’s capability to pull in perfect 10s—just how he’s still doing it most likely these years. Hef met model Crystal Harris at their mansion in 2008 and made her his spouse 4 years later on.

Never heard about Harris? Provide her a quick bing search. Simply not in the office.

۱۴٫ Russell Brand

Although they split in 2012, British comedian Russell Brand called America’s Sweetheart Katy Perry their spouse for just two years that are remarkable. Brand has a lot opting for him—his razor- razor- sharp wit, their fearless viewpoints, their funny accent—but we still can’t quite figure out how he been able to nab the sexy pop music celebrity.

۱۵٫ Donald Trump

It is possible to simply just take or keep their politics (ditto their comb-over), however you can’t argue aided by the real-estate mogul’s impeccable flavor in women: First there is Czech model Ivana Zelnickova, then arrived actress Marla Maples.

The Donald’s been together with his 3rd spouse, Slovenian model Melania Knauss, for 10 years—but judging by his background, it could perhaps not be a long time before she hears their famous words: “You’re fired.”

۱۶٫ Gene Simmons

Simmons has aged about along with you’d expect a rock that is 65-year-old to. (It’s hard to inform in the event that KISS frontman appears better with or with no makeup products. Kidding!) But their spouse, previous Playboy model Shannon Tweed, continues to be smokin’ at age 58. Fortunately for Simmons, we realize she’s in it for the longterm. Even though the set just got hitched last year, these people were together for 28 years—with two young ones, to boot—before getting married.

۱۷٫ Dennis Kucinich

You may remember previous Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich from their failed run that is presidential 2008. He campaigned for universal medical care, clean power, and also the legalization of cannabis. But sufficient about his policies—remember his insanely hot, way-too-young-for-him spouse, Elizabeth? (He’s 68, she’s 37.)

The british food that is organic and documentary producer clearly could have shot towards the the top of Hottest First women of them all. State it with us now: Kucinich 2016! Kucinich 2016!


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