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بسته مشاوره 15 دقیقه ای


30000 تومان

بسته مشاوره 30 دقیقه ای


54000 تومان

بسته مشاوره 45 دقیقه ای


72000 تومان

بسته مشاوره 60 دقیقه ای


84000 تومان

لطفاً بازه زمانی دلخواه خود را برای مشاوره تلفنی انتخاب کنید:

سه شنبه

15 بهمن 98


16 بهمن 98


17 بهمن 98

توجه: انتخاب بازه زمانی صرفا جهت اطلاع شما بوده و موجب انقضای بسته مشاوره تلفنی شما نمی گردد.

بسته مشاوره تحصیلی 10 دقیقه ای

مبلغ قابل پرداخت: 19,500 تومان (نونزده هزار و پانصد تومان)

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Former WSOP Main Event Champ Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Greek myths mirror real life with stories of success and debauchery, pride and humiliation, and secrets that lead to results that are dastardly. We all keep in mind poker pro Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow’s 2003 cocaine arrest that ultimately led up to a six-month stint in Clark County jail on charges of felony control with intent to sell. In fact, the list of poker player scandals, maybe not surprisingly, is colorful indeed, and now you can add 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Greg Raymer to that particular list: he ended up being arrested in very early March after responding up to a website advertisement for prostitutes. Unfortunately he was nabbed, one presumes, when he showed up to meet his hooker at a police-selected hotel for him, the ad was a sting set up by North Carolina police, and. Raymer is married, and was allegedly searching for some action on the part. Even though story originally reported that it was a prostitution that is male, that apparent mistake ended up being quickly amended. Whoops.

Tale Hook

Wake Forest, North Carolina police say that 48-yr-old Raymer ‘was one of six men whom responded to an advertisement posted by undercover police on a site often used by prostitutes.’

Wake Forest police chief Jeffrey Leonard included that ‘the locations prostitutes decide for this type of criminal activity differ, and seldom remain equivalent for more than a few days at time, which makes enforcement difficult. In this instance, we conducted the operation at a hotel that is local its full cooperation. Our company is not aware of this sort of unlawful task ever occurring at the hotel [before]. Our officers selected the hotel for the undercover operation at random.’

Not Alone

Raymer was one of six men arrested, and even though certainly the absolute most well-known (now notorious), he had not been the only man by having a high-profile image. Among the other six had been Kevin Scott Konarzewksi, president of Complete Inventory Services; Christopher Burrell Shella, managing director of Shella, Harris & Aus P.C and an attorney that is former Mangum; and Robert Hancock, vice-president of sales and marketing at MobileSmith.

Bail for all these ‘gentlemen’ ended up being set at $1,000, and court appearances for 18th april. Police said the sting operation was ‘a pre-emptive measure to combat the nationwide trend that is growing of.’

Ricky, you got some ‘splainin’ to accomplish.

۱,۴۰۰ Layoff Notices for Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Staff

۱,۴۳۴ of Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino workers have been served layoff notices, warning them they may lose their jobs on May 10. The hotel ownership is expected to have transitioned from the current owners, to the new owners, the Meruelo Group by that point.

The notices are mostly seen as a formality nevertheless, and something legitimately needed by the current owner in the event the new owner does not wish to retain some or most of the staff that is existing. The layoff notices are needed under New Jersey’s WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) system.

Curiously, neither Trump nor Meruelo has taken credit for the filing of the layoff notices, which happened this week with the New Jersey Department of work. Trump attorney John Donnelly flatly denied that Trump had filed the layoffs, while Meruelo has stated they mightn’t even have the appropriate straight to do so, while they are maybe not the owner that is current. The sale of the hotel is anticipated to be finalized by might 31.

But, regardless of the notices Meruelo Group has every intention of retaining as many current employees possible according to the business’s president and investment that is chief, Xavier Gutierrez.

‘Absolutely, a substantial number will be rehired, but we’re not sure how which will transpire,’ Gutierrez said early in the day this week in a interview.

The layoff notices and purchase come at time whenever Trump Plaza Casino has plummeted towards the base for the Atlantic City casino rankings. The casino grossed simply $102.5 million from slots and table games in 2012, and its fortunes haven’t enhanced any in 2013. Earnings for February were down 42% from the same period a year ago to just $5.2 million, also dead last between the twelve Atlantic City gambling enterprises.

Industry sources anticipate Meruelo will pour their resources into turning the casino around and lifting it through the bottom for the ranks.

‘ We think this ongoing company will spend a substantial amount of cash on the house to create it up to where it requires to be, much like Golden Nugget and Resorts did,’ casino union president Bob McDevitt said of Meruelo’s purchase of the Trump Plaza.

McDevitt added they officially take over as owners of the hotel and casino that he does not expect Meruelo to make any job cuts once.

Baltimore Casino Construction Temporarily On Hold Following Lawsuit

A group of five area citizens have actually brought construction on Ceasars Horseshoe Casino on Russell Street in south Baltimore to a grinding halt. Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Yolanda Tanner issued a restraining that is temporary in light for the lawsuit, halting construction crews which had just started work on your website this week.

The resident group established the lawsuit against the Baltimore casino, claiming the casino group never offered residents the opportunity to deal with their concerns about the impact that is environmental of casino’s development in the building site, or the changes in its proposed action plan. That site on Russell Street once housed a commercial complex, and pollutants were found in the soil seven years ago.

The casino project is backed by city and state officials, and the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) did execute a research on the site and drew up an action plan regarding the possible contaminants found there. Nevertheless, the residents state they were never allowed to discuss the plan or raise any of their issues with town or state officials, and that the master plan was later on changed too.

‘The environment is being ignored, the center river is being ignored, so the hope is that those commentary would be paid attention 1984 ch 1 summary to and that a more comprehensive remedy would be put in spot before the buildings go up and eradicate the possibility to remove the hotspots of contaminated soil,’ ecological attorney Timothy Henderson said.

Lawyers for the City of Baltimore have responded by saying the lawsuit is frivolous, and that the seemingly heroic, underdog citizens behind it are actually only puppets being directed through the shadows by a mystery organization bent on delaying the casino’s development.

‘The motivation because of this expensive litigation can hardly be to have one more ‘informational meeting’ about the voluntary cleaning associated with casino web site,’ city solicitors Matthew W. Nayden and Daniel J. Sparaco published inside their response to the lawsuit. ‘More likely these interests are served by derailing this complex, time-sensitive construction effort.’

They also state that Caesars was under no obligation to seek input from area residents regarding the action plan for the building site, which the MDE also disputes.

More hearings regarding the matter are scheduled.

Taylor ‘s Got It Made Out Of William Hill Jackpot

Who says you have to gamble big to win big? Well definitely not 45-year-old Mr. Taylor from the united kingdom whom ended up being checked out by Lady Luck recently when his struggle for sleep prior up to a night shift tempted him into the online gambling globe.

Taking his opportunities on the slots at William Hill, Taylor spun the wheel for just 20 pence and doubtless struggled further to catch some rest after having a staggering win of £258,670.

‘It’s still not really sunk in,’ stated Taylor, a darts that are self-confessed. ‘It’s concerning the equivalent of 20 years’ wages as I won’t pay tax on my winnings.’

‘It’s maybe not enough for me personally to retire, but will make life a complete lot easier,’ added the Burnley resident. ‘I won’t be worrying about the bills and I’ll be able to go anywhere I want on holiday.’

As if the tale doesn’t sound exciting enough, as it happens that Taylor destroyed his internet connection to the William Hill site within mere seconds of their triumph. He remained oblivious to his big win until he logged back on to see a considerably increased balance in their online account.

Taylor hasn’t received the title of biggest winner on the William Hill slots, as 23-year-old barman from Doncaster, Lien Bailey, hit an even larger win early a year ago when he struck it lucky into the ‘Millionaires Club’.

The ultimate slots prize would go to Ly Sam, a Vietnamese-American online gambling enthusiast who pocketed $55,542,296.73 despite the huge sums won by the Englishmen after spinning the tires for simply ten cents in the Polazzo Club at the Sheraton resort in Ho Chi Minh City.

Initially, the casino refused to honor the jackpot considering that the record sum was actually a glitch that is technical. However, Sam was awarded the amount of 1.5 million Dong that is vietnamese after ruling by the District 1 Peoples Court in Ho Chi Minh City settled and only the player.

So with her presence, it is worth keeping in mind that these stories are one-in-a-million tales of luck while you may never know when Lady Luck is going to grace you. But time that is next’re struggling to sleep, it might be well worth the 20 pence spin just to see what goes on.



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